Artists Can Now Get Exposure By Asking Spotify For Playlist Placement

All that an artist crave for is to reach the targeted audience, grow their streams, gain exposure and reach new potential fans. What is the best way to reach their fans? How can one grow and evolve?

Reaching out to a large number of audience and Networking with them and those with similar taste of music is literally very hard. But Spotify playlist placement has made it very easy and smooth. It is the best and most simple way which helps in reaching thousands of new followers easily and quickly.

With Spotify playlist placement, you get a chance to stand alongside with some of the creamy artists of your choice without even having some sort of connections in the music industry. As an artist, you can leave a lasting impact on the audience and earn name and fame and more followers and grow eventually and gradually.

Spotify playlist promotions and placements have multiple packages and are considered to be the most effective way to reach a large mass of people.

How does Spotify playlist placement work?

That’s the hot question! How does the playlist placement work? How can an artist earn more followers and gain exposure in the really competitive world? Well, Let’s check it out!

For those who are interested in getting good exposure and reach more audience and placing their track in similar sound genre playlist, Spotify Playlist Placement is the right and most suitable platform. It is a great and the best way through which artists can promote their tracks and if the listener enjoys the music, then the artist can potentially create more followers.

The working of the Spotify playlist placement is very simple. All you have to do is to submit your track for the consideration. It will be then evaluated by the team members. If your track gets selected, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours on the mail ID provided by you. Your track will get added to the playlist that matches your sound genre.

Now, what you have to do is to choose among the best 3 packages that match your promotion needs. The sound genres that are mainly covered include five different and biggest sound genres that include Pop, Hip- Hop, Rock, EDM and Indie. The track should be of high quality and genre. Any low- quality mixing or mastering submission will directly get rejected.

In the recent world of technology, more and more artists are submitting their work and gaining more exposure and earning more followers. In recent years, more than 67,000 artists have submitted their work and earned more name and fame. After the Beta feature which was put in July, more than 10,000 artists were added in Spotify.

So, now it must be clear to you that getting added to the playlists and earning more and more followers is the new game. The more fans you earn, the more money you get and the more popular you become.