How Managed Mail Solutions Can Drastically Increase Your IT Team’s Productivity

For companies engaged in IT services, the use of e-mail is inevitable. Email serves as a means of communication for your customer service to connect with clients, be it for providing promotional information or simply getting certain feedback. Besides, with the email, you can also interact with business partners.

However, as more people connect via this email, it makes your email archive full. Because there are too many, even you are overwhelmed to sort out which emails to reply to first. If you’ve experienced this, it means you need to try a managed mail service.

Your Email Will Be Automatically Archived

Due to the piling up of emails and the work that keeps coming in repeatedly, you don’t even have enough time to file your emails while new emails keep coming. By using a managed email service, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. You also don’t need to be burdened with backing up your emails every time because this managed email service uses Cloud-managed networks services to archive your emails. Even so, you can still find them again when needed.

Safe from Spam

One problem that is often experienced by email service users is spam. Wherever they come from, this spam email is quite annoying. It could be that you accidentally clicked to subscribe to a certain site that isn’t that important, but you can’t stop this spam email.

By using a managed mail service, you no longer need to worry about spam or even viruses so that your email is safe. A managed email will block email access that has the potential to be spam or malware so that for security concerns, managed email can be the solution.

Save on Budget for the IT Sector

It is undeniable that the IT sector is a sector that requires the most budget. Not only buying hardware or software, but you also have to do maintenance. So, so that your budget doesn’t get overwhelmed, you can try this managed email service. Archiving does not need to be done with the help of a hard disk but directly using Cloud network management storage.

Shared Feature

Even for certain vendors, they also don’t hesitate to add additional features that are quite practical for their customers to use, such as shared calendars and shared tasks. With this shared calendar, everyone connected to the company email can see what agenda will be done this month so that they won’t miss any information.